Muc-Off Premium Anti-Fog


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Muc-Off huurtenestoaine, toimii jopa 5 päivää estäen lasien ja visiirien huurtumista. Turvallinen muovi- ja lasipinnoille!

Muc-Off Anti-Fog Treatment uses cutting edge moisture absorption technology with an anti-mist formula to create a transparent, micro-thin coating so your ride is never cut short by foggy goggles! Our Anti-Fog Treatment lasts up to five days, and if you spray on the outside of your swim goggles or sports glasses, the anti-mist formula will help rain bead off to make your ride that much safer! 

And, with our long-lasting formula, your goggles will be fog free for up to five days!


Item type Apparel
Item name Premium Anti-Fog
Use For glasses, helmet visors, sunglasses etc.
Description Gives a clear and fog free vision on helmet visors, glasses, sunglasses, goggles etc., safe on plastics and glass, anti-static
Content 1x 35 ml
Other Biodegradable, CFC and solvent free
Package type     1
Package 1/18